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Do you want to get in shape, lose weight, and change your life? Are you bored with normal workout routines? Then train like a U.S. Army Diver!

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Land Boot Camps in Dallas

Here at Bradshaw's Boot Camp we are your one stop shop for fitness.  You get specific diet advice that will help trim, tone, and shape up your entire body. The workouts are always different and you will never see the same one twice.   We want you to enjoy the workout but at the same time get the results you deserve.  The best part is you get all of this for $99 or less.  We are not an imitation boot camp that charges inflated prices or delivers unrealistic workouts.  Bradshaw's Boot Camp is a firm believer that hard work will yield a new you.  Sign up today and start your transformation!

"I had been working out and dieting for quite some time, and I had never achieved anywhere close to the results I got within the first month of Justin's land camp. This class not only sheds pounds quickly, but it also tones, defines and strengthens your muscles. I get more out of the one hour of boot camp than I even did with 3 to 4 hours at the gym. Additionally, the class is fun and the workouts are energetic and engaging. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to loose wait or just tone up and get in better shape."

Whitney, Dallas Texas

"Bradshaw's Boot Camp is the real deal. A lot of fitness programs call themselves a boot camp but they are nothing more than impostors! Justin Bradshaw delivers results plain and simple. He helped a girl lose 90lbs in 89 days on a TV show... that should speak for itself. I really enjoyed every camp I went to. Each session was challenging, creative, unique, and most of all it got me results. I look more tone now than I ever have and had fun doing it. I dropped 20lbs in one month from just doing his boot camp and following his diet advice. Not to mention he only charges 99 dollars for one month and you can attend any class or location offered!"

Chris, Dallas Texas

"If you really want a workout that changes your body, puts you in the calorie burn "kill mode", and advances your fitness level several notches, Justin's boot camp is for you!! Every workout is different, very challenging and fun! Whether you are training for your next big event or just looking for the best workout, Justin Bradshaw delivers!!!" "

Candy, Dallas Texas


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Boot Camps in Dallas Texas and Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for the best Boot Camp in Dallas you've come to the right place. We offer land boot camps in Dallas , Southlake, Houston, and Austin. Contact us today at 214-734-7281 or just sign up online to get in shape with our land boot camps in Dallas, Southlake, Houston, and Austin.

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